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Spam! Free Fast & Hot!

 June, 17 2006

AG30 gets a spambot!


Now you can spam all your favorite visitors. The Art Gallery 3.0 newsletter mailing system is up and running.

In the newsletter section, people can subscribe to your newsletter and you can deliver it to them via e-mail. Once you have subscribers, all you have to do is select which newletter to send, press one button, and it's Spam!

The system allows for subscribers to manage their own accounts, allows you to direct enter subscribers from the administrative section, and keeps exact records of which newsletters were sent to whom when. It also keeps track of which subscribers are adults and has an adults only feature which deletes non adults from a mailing with a simple switch.

Now you can get the word out whenever you have hot hew art to sell, or just want to ramble on about the meaning of life. No more waiting for people to come to you. You can put your newsletter in their inbox.

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