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In this gallery, I am going to put together some pages which show what you can do with this system. You can use these as an example, or create your own.

This is a very flexible system.

Note the thumbnail & description for each page below. You can choose between this format and a simple page menu and showing page one under the gallery header.


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Three Column Page

This page demonstrates a page with three columns. It shows how you can mix text and photos in the cells.

I set default thumb size to 160 and coulmns to 3.

Note that in page order, I used the numbers 010, 020, 030, ect. Numbering by 10s leaves space in between in case I want to insert a new row or two without renumbering the whole page. ie, to put a new row between 3 & 4, I would number it 035. The leading zero is so they will still sort correctly if we go over 9 rows and get to 100. Otherwise, the sort would be 10, 100, 20.

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Single Column Page

This page demonstrates a page with a single column of large images.

To create a page like this, set Columns to 1 and set Default Thumb Size to 500 x 500.