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This could be your site

This site was built using Art Gallery 3.0. The third generation of my art gallery creating web site package.

Art Gallery 3.0 is a flexible semi custom art gallery web site package which allows the artist to build the web site they want with no programming required. Everything is controlled by menus, the configuration file, and the style sheet.

Individual galleries can have an unlimited number of pages. Each page can have a different number of rows and columns. You can mix text and images in the page cells. Pages or whole galleries can be hidden from public view and brought back later. Pages can be moved from one gallery to another. This makes it easy to maintain and modify your site.

Images are uploaded and stored separately from the pages, which allows you to keep your images on the site without having to display them, and images can be reused without needing to upload them multiple times.

It is easy to sell art from this site. You can create a Sale Item, and link as many images as you want to that Sale Item. When a Sale Item linked image appears on the site, a link to the sales info appears below the item along with the item's price. There is an automatic link to your PayPal account, and the system captures PayPal transaction data and links it to the Sale Item entry. This is a valuable addition to the PayPal sales information tracking.

With this package, you can build your own unique on-line art gallery, sell your art, distribute newsletters, have a personal on-line journal (Blog), publish documents, and share links to your favorite web sites with the world.

You could have your own web presence today.

Contact me, get your art on line and start selling it.

Mike Kellner

Updated:June 19, 2007