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General Disclaimer

Everything I post to this site is either my own opinion, an anecdotal report of events I have observed in my life and in the lives of others, or my analysis of things I have read.

Nothing presented here should be taken as or in place of medical advice from a doctor. If you want medical advice or are concerned about any aspect of your health, you should consult a licensed physician, psychiatrist, or counselor. Before going on any diet, you should consult with a licensed physician or dietician.

If you wish to do any of the things I do, have done, or write about, you assume all the risks. I am in no way responsible for you doing anything mentioned on this site. You must judge if it is something that is safe and sensible for you to do, and bear the responsibility for your actions.

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I am in no way responsible for what other people post on the public forums, comments, or guestbook. If I find it offensive, inaccurate, or think it defames anyone, I will remove it. If you have a problem with anything posted here, contact me via the contact section and we can discuss removing the offending item. However, the final decision will be mine and I will not remove posted comments just because of a disagreement in belief or viewpoint.

As stated above, this site exists to present my opinion. If you disagree, I honor the choices you are making in your own life. They are not mine, and I am under no obligation to give you a platform to air them. You are free to state your disagreements in the forum and comment section up to the point where you no longer contribute to the conversation, become tedious, repetitive, or insist that I and others agree with you. If you really feel the need to convert people to your own way of thinking, you are welcome to do so, but not here. There are many sites dedicated to such purposes. This is not one of them.