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Welcome To My Journal

This site is about me, what I like, what has helped me, and my philosophies. It is about my journey to find my true self, figure out the nature of life and the order of the Universe. Along the way I have learned things that have made a large improvement in my life and I am passing on what I learned in hopes it can help improve the lives of those who visit here.

Self Help will be the constant theme. If you donít help yourself, who will? The most important thing you can do to help yourself is to learn to control what you think. What you get out of life is greatly affected by what you believe you are going to get. Changing what you think and believe is the most effective way to alter the course of your life.

I came out of the New Thought Movement, which isnít so new any more. The basic concepts it teaches, such as the Law of Attraction, visualization, assuming abundance, positive thinking, and learning to control oneís thoughts have helped many to change their lives. It is the foundation of todayís self help industry. If you saw the movie, The Secret, it is based upon the concepts of the New Thought Movement.

Just as your life is affected by what you think, your body is made of the food you eat. Just as healthy thinking will improve your mind, healthy eating will improve your body. In both cases, simply stopping the bad habits you have will get you much of the way home. I will be discussing eating your way to a better life. The Paleolithic Diet, also know as the Caveman Diet, can make you start to feel better in just a few days. You are a Human; you will function better if you eat what Humans evolved to eat.

Another regular topic is going to be society, culture, and religion and how they have evolved from Paleolithic times to the industrial states we live in today, and how you can adapt behaviors that will improve your lot in life. We are Cavemen with cell phones. Most of us understand how our cell phones work better than we understand the Caveman instincts and behaviors which control us and our society. Learn about yourself and you will learn how the game works and how to win.

Your life is affected by what you do with your money. Spending it wisely is a major challenge all of us face. Make bad decisions concerning, housing, mortgages, car loans, saving for your kidís college education, vacations, and credit cards and you will make your life much more difficult. I will be discussing how you can do these things in ways that benefit you.

The difference between this site and most self help sites is; I am not going to make you buy the $300, eleven CD set to get hundred year old information that I found for free on the internet. There is no magic method here, just a set of common sense solutions, strategies, and mindsets which will make your life better.

Join me on my journey. Read, learn, share, teach. This site is for my fellow travelers as much as it is for me.


Updated:November 20, 2008