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About Mike Kellner

About Mike Kellner

Who Am I, AND What Do I Know?

I am an old programmer. I started in the days of punch cards, when computers were so large and fragile that they lived in their own special rooms with freezing air conditioning and special air filters to keep them happy.

For many years I wrote and upgraded corporate scheduling and billing software. Eventually, the computers I knew and my skills became obsolete. The computers went on the junk heap and I needed a new life.

At about the same time, I had started work on a web site that published stories written by my friends as a hobby. That site is now one of the most successful sites of its type. The software I developed is used in my on line library package.

Next a friend asked me to help her build an art gallery. That led to several more art gallery projects, which became the foundation of my art gallery software package.

After that I made a site for my neighborhood homeowner’s association.

Finally I got around to making a site for myself. The one you are reading now.

So, here I am creating web sites on the Internet, a thing that wasn’t even around when I started.

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