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Art Gallery 3.0

Show and sell your art on the Internet using my third generation art gallery software. In addition to a flexible and easy to manage gallery system, you get a complete web site, with a personal journal (Blog), newsletter with bulk mailing ability, article library, link library, guest book, biography, and contact page.

All these features may be switched on or off, so unused features disappear, meaning no dead links, empty features, or under construction pages. All features are managed through an extensive administrative section, so no programming is required to operate and maintain the site.

The appearance of the site is controlled with the style sheet and configuration file. This allows you to easily customize the appearance of your site.

The gallery system is very flexible and has a PayPal interface built in for those who wish to sell their art on-line. You can make an unlimited number of galleries with any number of pages in each. You can vary the number of columns and rows on each page and vary the size of individual thumbnails. You can have text only cells mixed in with thumbnail cells. When viewing larger images, previous and next links ease navigation. Records are kept of how many times each image was selected for full size viewing. Each image can receive viewer comments. Galleries and individual pages can be hidden from public view without losing the work. Pages can be reused in new galleries without recreating them.

If you are unfamiliar with PayPal, it is an on-line payment service that allows small vendors to easily collect payments. You can be paid from other PayPal accounts, bank accounts, or credit and debit cards. PayPal accepts most major international currencies and converts the payments to your own national currency. The money you receive via PayPal may be spent directly at the many sites who accept PayPal payments or you can transfer it to your bank account. PayPal basic accounts are free and are the lowest cost way for a small vendor to collect payments on-line. You can learn more at their site:


The journal is a way to present your thoughts on line and get comments from your readers.

The newsletter allows you to keep your fans up to date on what you are doing and what projects might be for sale in the future. You can post it on the site, you can batch e-mail it to subscribers, or both. The system keeps track of what was mailed to whom, when. An easy to use subscription system is part of the newsletter.

The article library allows you to publish your writings or anything else you think your visitors might enjoy. A topic cross-reference system makes it easy for people to find relevant articles.

The Link Library allows you to share your favorite web sites with your visitors in an organized and easy to use manner.

The Biography section allows you to put your complete biography on your site. A bio brings you closer to your customers. It gives them a narrative to go with the art they purchase. The narrative gives them a tale to tell when they show your art to their friends, increasing its value, and the possibilities of additional sales.

The Guest Book allows visitors to record their visit and leave comments regarding your site. A rate this site feature is available if you wish. Ratings are visible to you, but not the public. You can edit or delete individual posts that are inappropriate. There is an anti spam-bot validation code built in, which greatly reduces useless clutter.

The Contact page allows you to have a public list of site managers and a blind method of contacting them. This hides their addresses from spammers.

The password protected administrative section gives you full control over the site. Furthermore, additional administrators may have their access limited to those portions of the site’s controls that they are authorized to use. This allows you to have helpers who can only access those sections of the site they need to, while keeping other parts private and safe.

Among the many administrative features of the gallery are; e-mail notification when someone subscribes to the newsletter, leaves a guest book comment, or reports a dead link. Other features include, a built in file uploader, configuration file editor, and IP number tracking system.

Art Gallery 3.0 Demo Site

You can have your own on-line art gallery and web site this week.

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