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Business Site Software

Business Site

Business Site software was created by me to simplify the task of putting this web site on-line. When I was done, I realized that I had created the perfect tool for building small low cost web sites.

It is a modular system that uses building blocks taken from my more complex packages. These blocks automate many of the time consuming parts of site building, reducing the time required to put a small site on-line. It is ideal for sites that do not requite a lot of updating. Its main features are easy creation of new pages that match the current design, easily changing the look of the entire site, a modular menu system, a blind e-mail contact system which prevents spammers from harvesting your e-mail address, and a simple image gallery system.

The modular approach means that those elements common to all pages are kept in several building blocks that are used on all pages. Once the site's appearance is finished, additional matching pages can be made quickly, because the content is added to a standard page design.

The modular menus are designed so menu names, links, and tool tips are stored in arrays that can easily be changed. Changing anything on the menu array changes the menu across the entire site, so menu changes are quick and reliable. No dead links.

The blind contact system stores your e-mail address away from the prying eyes of spammers and their robot address harvesters. The contact page also uses a spam proofing code to prevent spambots from using it directly. These features help to reduce the amount of useless advertising in your in-box.

Business Site's image gallery building system, Quick Gallery, makes it easy to put up full feature image galleries. Once the content is ready, creating a gallery is simply a matter of entering the file names and captions into the arrays. This cuts the time required to create a gallery to a bare minimum.

Take a look, try it yourself:

Sample Image Gallery

The features of Business Site make small sites quick and easy to build, and easy to modify in the future.

You can have your own web site this week.

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