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Iíll assume you are here because you need a web site. If you didnít, youíd be at some other web site that is more fun. Not to say I donít think web sites are fun, but Iím a Computer Geek and have a different definition of fun.

Iím going to assume you are a beginner and donít know anything about web sites, so Iíll start from square one. If this is not true, you can skip over the parts you already know, but for those who need it, Iím going to cover all the basics.

Why You Need A Web Site:

You need a web site because it is the best way to expose yourself, your products, your services, your organization, your art, your ideas to the largest number of people for the lowest cost. For the cost of a small phone book ad you can have a multi page web site that tells your story in words and pictures, plus full contact information and a direct e-mail contact form.

The Phone Book Is The Old Way:

In days past, people looked in the phone book if they wanted something. Those days are passing, and now there are many classified phone books, and you have to pay to be in all of them to get full coverage. What do you get for your money? A tiny one color ad with your phone number. For a lot more money, you can add a one color picture of a generic repairman or a delivery truck, and maybe a list of brands you sell. How does that tell your customer about you and what you do? How does it show your customers how you are different and better than the next guy with the same type of ad on the same page? What of it is after hours? Who answers the phone? The answering machine? You better hope they bother to leave a number or call back.

The Web Is Where Your Customers Are:

These days, people go to the Internet when they need something. It is a better source of information for them. It is a better way to present your products and services. And it costs less than the old way. More for less! Isnít that what we all want?

How Hard Is It To Get A Web Site?

Not hard at all, you have already taken the first step.

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