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Quick Gallery

Quick Gallery software has a powerful set of features that give you a complete and professional looking gallery. You set the appearance in the style sheet and configuration file. You can easily change the navigation link text and size. You set the dimensions of the box within which the formatted images appear. This makes it easy to customize the gallery to your needs. The modularity of the design means additional gallery pages will look the same with no extra work.

Quick Gallery has full and easy to use navigation. When you click on a thumbnail, you get that image displayed with the size reduced to dimensions you set in the configuration file. Another click takes you to the full size version of the image. There are links to the thumbnail index, the previous and next image, and the other size image on every page. Clicking on either large image takes you to the other, making it easy to switch between formatted and full size images. In a typical hand made site, you would spend hours making all these links work correctly, and any changes would require additional work. With Quick Gallery, it is all created automatically, and all the links work first time, every time.

This sample gallery was created in about an hour. That hour was spent selecting the images, converting them to thumbnails, writing the captions, filling the arrays, and uploading everything to the host. No time was spent on programming.

While it was designed to be a part of the Business Site system, Quick Gallery could also be used as a stand alone addition to any PHP site. It is a full modular design, ready to be pasted into any site.

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