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Active Sites

Active Sites:

Tolkien Fan Fiction:

This is my first web site. Tolkien Fan Fiction is one of the leading sites of its kind, publishing many hundreds of stories, by over a hundred authors. Now that the software is mature, it runs without any input by me other than approving new members. The authors create their own stories and place them in the library themselves via a simple menu system.

Highland Village Homeowner Association:

My first community site. It is also the first site built with my modular site building system. It has a newsletter, member forum, article section, and a front page for announcements and seasonal information. The members only section contains financial reports for the Homeowner Association.


Warning: This site contains adult images, viewer discretion advised.
Hope is my original art gallery. It was built on the foundation of software used to create Tolkien Fan Fiction. It satisfied the userís need for a simple, easy to use art gallery she could manage herself. It also is a good example of how graphics can be used to make a simple site look quite elegant.

Tolkien Fan Art:

Tolkien Fan Art is my second art site, and the gallery creation and management system had many improvements in capability and ease of use. This is a group art site. While it never generated the levels of traffic I had hoped for, it was a great development vehicle for my flexible gallery system and the lessons learned making and using it were used to improve the third generation art gallery.

Under Construction:

Miniature Haven:

A site built with Art Gallery 3.0.

The site is complete and ready to use. When the site owner has filled it with content, it will go into service selling Art Dolls.