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Web Site Basics

Web Site Basics

What Is A Web Site?

A web site is one or more pages of text, pictures, sound, and movies that are available for viewing on the Internet. These days, everyone has one. My kid has one, so do many of her friends, and they are still in grade school.

What Do You Want A Web Site To Do?

Since you are viewing this web site, it means you have a computer connected to the internet, we can assume you already have seen a lot of web sites. Have you given any thought to how you would sell yourself, your organization, your products on a web site? Letís start the process by asking a few questions.

What are the goals of a web site?

Show you, your business, your products, your services, your ideas, your art, your community to the whole world via the Internet.

Be easy for your visitors to use, navigate, and find what they seek.

Be an enjoyable experience for visitors so they return for more.

Be affordable.

Be easy and cost effective to update.

What Makes People Want To Visit Your Web Site?


There Is A Saying About Web Sites.


Remember this and the rest is easy.

What is Content?

The stuff people visit a site to obtain. The reason they are there. Things that are actually informative, useful, or entertaining.

If it is business site, it is information on why they should buy from you, what you sell, what it costs, and how they can get it.

If it is an art gallery, it is the art.

If it is a community site, it is information the community needs to share.

If you are an advocate, it is your message.

How Does A Web Site Get On The Internet?

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