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Web Site Pricing


All prices cover a single use of the software, installed on a host using simple graphics, or using your own graphic art. If you need one, I know artists who would do site graphic design and art for you. You would have to pay them separately for their services.

All sales are in fact license to use agreements. I retain ownership of the software and rights to distribute and reuse it. What you are buying is the right to use it for the one specific web site it is sold to support. You are not buying the right to resell or reuse the software for another site.

The price of a hosting package and domain name are not included. Hosting and domain name expenses are your responsibility and are not included in the price.

The price includes basic simple colored background and text graphics. Additional graphics and artwork are not included in the basic price.

Business Site:

Installed on your host.

1 Page - $200 3 Pages - $300 6 Pages - $400 Additional Pages $50 Image Gallery Pages $100 Updates - $50 per page.

Art Gallery:

$500 installed on your host.

Community Site:

$500 installed on your host.

Library Site:

$300 installed on your host.